Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tip #30: Drink Green Tea

Today, a short post. I had just decided to write about green tea this week when I got this newsletter in my e-mail:

By the way, that's another newsletter that I highly recommend subscribing to, this time for health. So, if you click on the link above and read it, you can see that green tea can lower your chances of a stroke, or heart disease, have less cognitive impairment in old age, younger cells, etc. There seems to be a lot of research about green tea that proves it is really an amazing drink, even for strange things like genital warts or Gorlin syndrome, whatever that is.

I remember, right after my diagnosis, a good friend recommended I start drinking green tea. But, of course, I didn't pay any attention. I had tasted it, didn't like it. Why bother. But then, I started reading about green-tea any time I investigated about cancer, and most places that I trusted (or all of them, really) recommended green-tea. Finally, even my nutritionist actually "prescribed" it: three cups, daily, as food (not supplement). Ok, I got the message. So, I started drinking it, and, of course, I cannot say for sure what it has done for me, but I now like drinking tea even better than water. I brew some before going to work, put it in a big glass container and drink it even while I'm teaching.

If you don't like green tea that much, there are now many flavored versions that are no so bad. I like several Yogi green teas, one of them even has amla in it, so you can multiply the antioxidant punch. And if none of the green teas convince you, you should try hibiscus tea or chai tea, which are also full of wonderful properties (according to Dr. Greger, my go to guy for nutrition information). Just remember not to add milk, as apparently cow proteins bind up all the good phytonutrients of tea.

Do you have a favorite green tea?


  1. Happy Thursday?!
    1. You got this out Sunday evening. Impressive dedication!
    2. Did you photoshop the furniture behind the tea cup?! hee hee!
    3. Aw, man, we've known the green tea mantra forever it seems. I "ruled out" green tea long ago, kind of excused myself after I read that you don't really reap the benefits until you're drinking something like 7 cups a day! Okay, 3 cups might be possible ;)
    4. Thanks again for doing all the work for your readers Pilar. I never knew that about no milk in green tea.

    Peace, love,

  2. Pilar - I heard tht you only get the teas benefit if you drink within an hour after brewing - I want to say that I saw this in the Anti-cancer book. Thanks for the reminder - I shall go brew a cup now ( :


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