Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tip #28: Get Inspired (II)

What could be easier than getting daily doses of brief inspiration right into your e-mail inbox? I started looking for inspiration when I was diagnosed, something to take my mind away from my situation, even for a second, and little by little, I now have quite a long list of these subscriptions. Here are my favorites. Most are short and can definitely be skipped if pressed for time. Some are really silly, some are a bit more serious. I used to read the Connecticut Post in the morning, now I really prefer my e-mail. :)

Daily quote from the Law of Attraction  Although I definitely do not agree with some of the tenets of the Law of Attraction, these little nuggets that I have now been receiving for more than a year make me always think. I do feel they do help me and I like the slightly cheesy blue ocean picture that comes with them.

Rick Hanson Just One Thing Newsletter  I found out about Rick Hanson thanks to a friend's comment on this blog (which made me really happy). He is a psychologist who combines science with traditions like Buddhism to give practical advice to rewire our brain with simple, easy practices. I have to admit that this newsletter is a bit too long for me, but when I do read it, it's very helpful. I now subscribe through my Google Reader to his weekly one minute videos in  which fits better with my "let's do things kind of quickly" aspect of my personality.

An example of Daily Now e-mail message

Daily NOW Moment These are written by Elisha Goldstein, another psychologist who uses mindfulness to treat his patients. You have an example here. I really like that they are very varied and some of them are quite humorous as well, but always useful. I have used some of them already in this blog.

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, author of the book by the same name, in which she actually researched happiness from many points of view. Her webpage is full of interesting things. I also subscribe to her blog through my Google Reader, but her e-mails tend to be just a quote, sometimes a link to a video (like this one: Short and sweet.

Here are two more which are longer postings and more sporadic, as they are really blog posts, similar to what you get when you are subscribed to my blog. I still prefer to have them in my e-mail, rather than in Google Reader, because I feel they are then part of my "life" that way, as if, in a way, these people were my friends and were sending me e-mails. Kind of silly.

The Minimalists Two young guys decide that their corporate job did not make them happy and started searching for true meaning in more simple things. I admire what they have done with their lives and I'm also reading their book, Minimalism, Live a Meaningful Life, to see if I can learn to have a more simple, less cluttered life (as you can see from my long list of e-mails, I'm not really doing that well).

In Over Your Head  I discovered this blog after I read somewhere that the author had read a book every week and that he also walked the Camino de Santiago (not at the same time). All that, plus the title of the blog made it a winner for me. Lots of swear words here, but I'm always impressed with his ideas.

And one more thing, just in case you haven't had enough already:

Brain Pickings This is a curated site by Maria Popova, a journalist, where she collects interesting items from many different fields, but always valuable and beautifully presented. I have subscribed to their weekly newsletter, although her postings are so popular that I tend to have read about them on Twitter before I get the Sunday e-mail. The only problem I see with this newsletter is that it's so long. I usually just have time to glance through it, get amazed at the fact that somebody found so many incredible things and then move on.

Do you have any recommendations for me? And, most importantly, do you understand now why I never reply quickly to my e-mails?

Lots of love.


  1. I recently found Brené Brown's blog: She's done a couple of great TED Talks, too.

    1. Thanks, Deanna! I love Brené Brown's TED Talks, she is truly amazing, but I never knew she had a blog. I just checked it out and it looks fantastic. It even has some badges that I may add to my blog here. Love the idea. I'm definitely adding it to my list!

      Thanks so much for enriching my life!

  2. It is interesting to me to recognize my current business endeavor as a "crisis" which is pushing me toward a need for more daily inspiration (distraction). Thank you again, Pilar, for sharing your legwork! I really can use some inspiration right about now to help me handle some of my very uncomfortable challenges...

    1. Hi Jean, thanks for your comment. There is actually one more link I subscribe to (I actually subscribed to it by accident and now I really like her), but it is mostly for business people, so that's why I didn't include her here. It's Marie Forleo. I think you may like her and she may make you laugh if nothing else.

      But I also want to let you know that you are MY inspiration everyday. No matter what happens with your business, you have demonstrated how amazing and brave you are. I know that things will turn out fine, maybe different than expected, but fine. Your sense of responsibility and hard work will pay off. I definitely believe in you.

      Un beso.

    2. Oh Pilar! Thank you for this! I was trolling to delete some of my 32,000 old emails (oops) and fortunately I had this flagged. Thanks for reminding me again to find and read it.

      I am clinging to your genuine appreciation on Sunday when I mentioned my shift from exciting/scary to exciting/intense. I am honored to be considered brave in any way by the Brave.

      Load of Love, J.