Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tip #55: Sometimes, we all need a pep talk

I'm still doing my walks to work, on most days.
Well, it's been a bit of a long pause, here at the blog. I guess the idea of two posts a month did not work out that well in February. And I have started a new professional project that keeps me away from many things I should be doing, like my weekly yoga (I still do Priscilla, but just 3 days a week), even mediation, when I finally had found a program I was really enjoying (and had paid for!). I feel a bit like the picture on the left, a bit bare from the winter, with ugly piles of snow that I need to get rid of, but there is still a bright, big, beautiful sun above and I need to concentrate on that. So, this will be a brief post, but I just needed to be here again. And what I most needed was a Pep talk and, as always, one found me, for within the mostly seriousness of TED talks, this was also there. I'm sure many of you have already seen this kid and, if you haven't, you need to watch this clip (less than 3:30 minutes). He is cute, funny, clever, sweet. And, in real life, this 9 year old boy actually suffers from Osteogenesis imperfecta, or Brittle Bone disease, and has already broken his bones more than 70 times. But that doesn't stop him from doing his favorite activity, dancing, and he encourages us all to do the same, among many other awesome things, like he says.
Please, watch it and smile with me.

These are my favorite quotes from it, with my comments:
  • And if life is a game aren’t we all on the same team?. Yeah, really, what's wrong with us, people.
  • This is life people, you got air coming through your nose, you got a heartbeat. That means it’s time to do something. It's true, we all can do something. I can write a blog that makes me happy, can't I?
  • But what if there really were two paths. I want the one that leads to awesome. Me too. Even though sometimes that's just so hard, because we don't believe that we are enough.
  • If we can make everyday better for each other, if we’re all in the same team, lets start acting like it. 
And this week, I was also inspired by this blog post by Seth Godin, You already have permission.
Just saying.
You have permission to create, to speak up, and stand up.
You have permission to be generous, to fail, and to be vulnerable.
You have permission to own your words, to matter and to help.
No need to wait.
So, people, like Kid President says, you've just been pep talked. Now, go do something. :)

Let me know if you liked it. And feel free to give me a pep talk anytime. I tend to always need one.


  1. HOLY MACKEREL! Pilar! Look how you've shown us how "simple" it can be to "write a brief post," b/c you "needed to be here again." And now you have shared this miraculous little Kid President video, which I've never heard of and will in turn share.

    Best Pep Talk Ever. From You and the Kid.

    PS: You took that photo on your walk? It's a stunningly beautiful picture. Your sun is so bright, Pilar, I did not see the ugly piles of snow. Love you.

  2. Dear Jean,

    Thanks so much for such a nice comment! You made my day.