Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tip #38: Bulk up on fiber (and get it ALL out)

The semester has started, I'm swamped with work, I need to organize myself better (maybe a future tip to myself?) and I have to write my weekly tip! What to do? I'll be very brief and to the point: Eat lots of fiber, do lots of caca. Everyday.

We all have heard of the importance of fiber.  But I have learned that it is truly essential. It not only helps you feel full so you eat less, but it also lowers cholesterol, helps regulate blood sugar levels, and very important in my case, it helps against constipation, which in turns aids the body eliminate excessive estrogen (the hormone that fuels most types of breast cancers, including mine). Here's a summary of all the benefits that eating lots of fiber (found in all plant foods) and going to the bathroom often have on your health, according to Dr. Greger (some of the videos, like the one about international stool size, are also pretty interesting on their own). It's not difficult to add more fiber to our diets. Just add more vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Eliminate the white, unrefined stuff. It may be tasty, but it's not doing anything for you.

I do admit that, after learning about the relationship between stool size and many illnesses, I do look at my caquitas with lots of love, particularly if they are big, which is often, sorry to be so gross. And I always say, "good bye, unwanted estrogen!" - As you can see, anything makes me happy these days. :)

I did have lots of fun working on today's picture as well.  Hope you all like it.

Have a great week!