Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tip #21: Challenge yourself (a little)

The semester has ended for me and so have my walks to school (I talked about them in Tip #6: Walk). And I realized a funny thing: because I had set up to park 15 minutes away from school "during the school year," as soon as school ended, I just stopped doing that, even though I still had meetings and things to do there. But, in my head, the challenge I had set out for myself was over. Not even for graduation, an ideal date if there is one to park 15 minutes away, I did it. I very gladly drove to the door of the school.

So, I guess I do need challenges. Particularly if it is about exercise (as precisely this week I read "Cancer survivors who stay active live longer" just in case I needed a reminder). So, I have set up two challenges for myself. First, I just joined a local yoga studio which has a special offer for new members: For $30 you can go to as many classes as you like for 30 days. I want to try to do yoga five days a week for those 30 days. This past week, I already did it and I'm very happy (if a bit sore). And, I just have discovered that yoga is a weight bearing exercise, something we all need, particularly to take care of our bones as we age.

For the second challenge, I'm actually hoping I can nudge all of you as well. Last summer I discovered in YouTube a video to strengthen your arms. It's only about 9 minutes and it's kind of fun. Here it is. Unfortunately, since my surgery in December, I had not done it, but now I don't have any more excuses. In fact, I even have one more reason. My blood sugar level has crept up a bit and exercise is one of the ways this can be corrected (as we can see in this article). So, here's where you all come in. I think I will be able to keep my challenge more easily if I can be accountable to someone, in this case, all of you. So I have set up this Google Doc where you can see if I do my exercise or not during the month of June. I want to do it three times a week. But, I am also hoping you will want to add your name there and join me by writing down the times you exercise (walking, biking, lifting weights, doing yoga, anything). Of course, you can write a false name if you are worried about the Internet and/or embarrassed. And you can also lie about everything (so can I), but what would be the point? By the way, don't worry if you make a mistake in the Google Doc. Docs can be restored very easily and, besides, this is just supposed to be fun. But I'm hoping I can get some of you moving as well and that we can all be super happy and celebrate at the end of June.

So, there you have it. I'm really looking forward to see what happens!!


  1. Nothing like a nudge. Did you see my tweet last week about Bike to Work Day (Friday)? Well, I did bike that morning (the ride I used to do to my old job), and then, sure enough, I took a ride again this morning before meeting a friend for coffee.

    I LOVED my ride work, but now that I'm working from home I've completely abandoned the daily ride. I miss having the destination and the routine. I will definitely take the arm-exercise challenge. Thanks!

  2. You're so right about the motivation of a challenge! Thanks for the push to DO something!

  3. I will check out your Google Doc - it would be good to have some partners!

  4. Thank you so much, lovely friends! I'm really looking forward to the challenge now because of the amazing company!!