Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tip #3: Smile

One of my 2012 New Year's resolutions (by, the way, this is the first year I made them, and so far, so good. This blog was one of them.) was to watch a TED TALK every day (or, at least, 5 a week). I had already watched some, and I always liked them, so I just wanted to do it in a more systematic way. I figured that they are short (most of them are around 20 minutes), so it would not take too much of my day, and I could feel that I was actually learning something, as they are always interesting and informative. I also like the fact that the topics are very varied but the speakers are always compelling, no matter their subject. So far, I have seen some great ones about education, the power of games, or even spaghetti sauce. I watch them on my TV, instead of the computer, which I also like better, thanks to our ROKU machine (something else I highly recommend). So, my "must see TV' this year are these TED talks and even my kids are enjoying them immensely (and that has been an added bonus).

In any case, the point of the tip is that one of the talks I saw really made me think about the power of being positive. You know, we always hear "be positive, think positive, smile at your cancer" and things like that and I do feel that, in general, yes, it is much better to be positive, but, how do we even start? Well, what about with a simple smile? In this TED talk (it's only 7 minutes, you have to watch!), Ron Gutman tells us about fascinating research done about smiles and how just a simple smile can influence our life course and many other tidbits. And, it will definitely make you smile.

So, next time you feel a bit down, just try to smile! What do you think?